WYECO AUTO VALVES CO., LTD. was founded in 1975 by Mr. and Mrs. Chiu. After 10 years of hard work, in 1986 the company developed various automation control valves, among which the first generation Y-type valve obtained patents from many countries. Afterward, along with Taiwan’s rapid economic growth, WYECO plays a critical role in Taiwan’s valve industry. In the following year, Weichen Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in Luzhou District, New Taipei City.

In 1988, the company as the first in the industry set up computerized precision CV testing equipment in Luzhou plant and developed the second generation Y-type valve in May. For business expansion, the company bought land in Luchu, Taoyuan, and moved to the current site of Taoyuan plant. Between 1992 and 1995, WYECO products made repeated success in dying industry equipment and cooperate with Ichinose Co., Ltd. from Japan and won all steam control valve orders from HISAKA Works, Ltd. In 1995, WYECO started to implement ISO-9001. Within one year, the company obtained ISO-9001 certification. At the same time, the company developed graphic control CV testing equipment.

After 30 years of endeavors, WYECO has the headquarter in Taipei, service centers in Taoyuan,MaiLiao and Kaohsiung and also R&D center. Taoyuan plant has dual roles in manufacturing and services. MaiLiao and Kaohsiung plant have the main role in services. R&D center is a very important element in WYECO’s organization structure. The joining of many professionals with Ph.D and master degrees further strengthens the competitive ability of WYECO AUTO VALVES CO., LTD. in the market.WYECO officially started the new organization structure in 2006. The business organization is divided to I, II, III and IV to cover four major geographic areas, representing domestic market, China market, overseas market and domestic service market. In 2010 the company build Mailiao service center to implement national service network that assures four hours to service center; Wyeco integrated all-aspect service system vertically and horizontally in the hope to develop versatile and real-time services for the broad customer basis.


Looking to the future, WYECO is actively preparing for Asia Pacific market. In 2006,the company started operation to Shanghai. In 2008, the company further marched into Central Asia with an expansion plan and transferred some capacity to mainland China in response to large amount of orders from the market and also actively seeks partners for OEM and ODM. In 2013, the Shanghai plant was expanded and formed a shipping center for expanded business area. In the same year, the company obtained China TS certificate; facing the drastically changing market, WYECO promotes self-developed brand at full speed while penetrating deep to the market. The company also works with the partners to provide customers in different industry for different valve needs and build a long term and strong relationship under win-win principle.

To follow the continuing economic growth in Asia Pacific area, all WYECO employees are highly confident in providing local and foreign customers with the best choice of valve products. The company also expects to see another economic take-off in Taiwan while making contributions.


R&D Team

WYECO R&D team covers engineering improvement, new product development and quality assurance. For customers to satisfy their needs, engineering improvement group provides the most precise and timely design and planning. R&D group, from 3D design, mold flow analysis to field test, with CV testing equipment, precisely developed new products with competitive strength in the market. Good quality is the basic requirement for market competition. R&D group in the process of development and design has integrated the complete package from manufacturing process to quality assurance, also streamlined production process, reduced cost and helped customers maximize profit and benefits.

The R&D center has the most professionals has self-expectation to be the benchmark for valve automation and driving technology in the industry. As a specialized company in Taiwan’s control valve field, we never stop to pursue breakthrough and innovation. The annual budget as high as tens of millions is directly invested in R&D and targeted at developing various types of products.

In addition, combining resources from different areas to create infinite possibility is the only ultimate goal for WYECO R&D center.

Marketing Team

Professional marketing team comprises sales and business planning. Implementseamless CRM (customer relationship management) system, start deeper interaction and cooperation with customers. With marketing team’s statistic data covering food, clothing, housing and transportation from each respective industry, we found many areas have close relevance to our products. So no matter the industry is in horizontal or vertical extension, we can provide you the best solution package.