Research and Development

WYECO AUTO VALVES CO., LTD. made a large investment in forming a professional R&D team to carry out the project: including new product design and development, engineering improvement and quality assurance;besides, also hired experts and consultants to solve technical issues regarding fluid dynamics and system application, chemical engineering and automatic control, materials and mechanical engineering; R&D team has the following expertise: valve body, valve parts and actuator design; material engineering, SolidWorks-CAD, UnigraphicsNX and CFD fluid dynamic simulation and Solidworks Simulation structural mechanical engineering analysis to conduct professional mechanistic design and theoretical analysis.

CAE structural analysis

WYECO R&D team uses SolidWorks CAD-3D, UnigraphicsNX graphic software as design platform to build flow channel curved surface and layout various valve types and parts;put the built valve assembly 3D model in CFDesign V10 computing fluid dynamics, enter inlet and port pressures, temperature, fluid type and different valve opening, conduct preliminary precise simulation, understand flow field distribution, velocity, Cv and FL values; then run assessment to achieve optimized flow channel and valve parts design target. The following paragraph is the actual simulation analysis for CFDesign with the example Contour Plug,V-Plug,multi-holecage, and multi-hole diffuser 2-stage pressure drop: besides, it also uses SolidWorks Simulation structural simulation analytical software to analyze structural stress for the valve body and peripheral main structure and optimize design.

After using CAD/CAE(CFD/SolidWorks Simulation) software for precise design simulation, conduct engineering blueprint drawing and production; through precise measurement and assembly, conduct Cv flow rate test for the valve assembly and service life limit test for steam boiler or heating oil in actual operating environment, to verify design and assure high quality, high performance and target.

CFD flow field analysis

Flow channel design

Sizing program development

Development design flow process